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[#Degrowth] Open Call for hosting the 6th Int. #Degrowth Conference (foreseen for 2018, post-Budapest)

Open Call for Hosting the Sixth International Conference on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity(Foreseen for 2018)

The international conferences on degrowth are central landmarks and moments of convergence of the international degrowth intellectual and social movements. They offer an unique opportunity for bringing together scholars with other members of civil society and demonstrating a different way of organizing conferences. A central feature of the conferences has been direct participation and collaboration among participants.
The past international degrowth conferences have been strongly influential in defining and opening new research and political fields. They have been inspired by social movements and experiments, and developed policy proposals as well as initiatives for social experiments in a wide range of areas. And besides all this, they managed to attract significant attention from the general public and the media.
There is now a…